Spring Speakers 2021


Tom Vassos is the author of The Ultimate Guided Tour of the Universe, Founder of CosmologistsWithoutBorders.org and astronomy instructor at Glendale College, York University. 

In his talk, entitled Astronomy: The Inspiring Universe Experience, Tom will take us on a fascinating trip of the universe.


Sally Armstrong is a human rights activist, an award-winning journalist and prolific author, Her stories centre on women and girls in zones of conflict all over the world. 

Sally’s eyewitness reports have earned her numerous media awards, recognition by Amnesty International Canada, Massey Lecturer for 2019 and 10 honorary doctorate degrees. She is also an Officer of the Order of Canada.



Claudiu Popa is an expert in cybersecurity, information privacy, data security, and even cyberfraud.


What's more, for over the past 20 years, he has made digital literacy fun for all ages and experiences.


He brings clear, fresh perspectives and a vast repertoire of anecdotes to every event.


Dr. Michael Verbora is a recognized global expert in the field of cannabinoid therapy with over one hundred presentations internationally on this topic.

He currently serves as Chief Medical Officer of Aleafia Health, a Canadian corporation researching and producing medical cannabis.


Dr. Verbora holds both MBA and MD degrees.


Olivier Courteaux is the author of The War on Terror: the Canadian Dilemma (2009), Canada as well as a number of other books on conflicts involving Canada.


He holds a BA in history, MA in war and conflict studies and Ph.D. in international relations. He has lectured at various Canadian universities, including Ryerson and the Royal Military College of Canada. 


A forensic anthropologist, Myriam Nafte, is an active advisor and consultant for criminal casework across North America. She holds a Ph.D. in Physical Anthropology [Skeletal Biology] at McMaster University. 

She currently lectures at McMaster on Death and Dying, Global Health, Infectious Disease, and the Narratives of Health and Illness.


Visit myriamnafte.com for more information on Myriam's area of study and her art.

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