Michael Crabb has been writing, broadcasting and lecturing about dance for more than 45 years. He has worked for the Toronto Star, National Post and was a broadcaster for CBC's award-winning Arts Report. In March of this year, he was inducted into Canada's Dance Hall of Fame.

Dr. Sheppard is fascinated by the personal life of William Shakespeare and in particular his religious persuasion. Referencing The Merchant of Venice, she explores the controversy amongst scholars over about whether the poet was anti-Semitic or not.

Dr. Proulx is a neuropsychologist specializing in cognitive aging and its wide variability within our population.


In this lecture, Dr. Proulx explores the brain's incredible capacities to learn and change, develop and mature. And he’ll give us insight into how the different functions of memory allow us to recapture the past and imagine possible futures.

Dr. Mike Daley is a musicologist, specializing in the history of popular music. He has toured the U.S. and Canada as a musician with Jeff Healey, the Travellers amongst others, and has recorded as a guitarist and singer. Mike and his wife now lead music-themed tours to New York, Nashville/Memphis, London/Liverpool, St. John's and New Orleans. 

A popular U of T professor, writer, and and now historian, Ken Weber sets out to prove our country’s history is anything but dull.

Here, he looks at what he calls "the toughest job in Canada”, the role of the Prime Minister’s wife.


Some have proven powerful, some influential, while others have been intimated by the responsibilities.

Barbara Dickson offers a unique, intimate, and extraordinary glimpse into the lives and hearts of the nearly 21,000 Canadians women who worked at Canada's largest munitions plant during World War II. Their work was dangerous and their stories reveal tenacity, dedication, patriotism, and resolve in a time when the concept of women working outside the home was a cultural anomaly.