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Fall 2022 Speakers

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Dr. DiCarlo

Dr. Christopher DiCarlo is a philosopher, educator, and author. He is the Principal and Founder of Critical Thinking Solutions, a consulting business for individuals, corporations, and not-for-profits in both the private and public sectors.

He is also the Ethics Chair for the Canadian Mental Health Association and is also a lifetime member of Humanist Canada and an Expert Advisor for the Centre for Inquiry Canada. He currently teaches at The Life Institute at Ryerson University.

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Ted Barris

Ted Barris is an award-winning journalist, author, and broadcaster. His writing has regularly
appeared in the national press, as well as magazines as diverse as Air Force, esprit de corps and Zoomer. He has also worked as host/contributor for most CBC Radio network programs, PBS in the
U.S. and on TV Ontario. And after 18 years teaching, he recently retired as a full-time professor of
journalism at Toronto’s Centennial College.

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Herb Rempel

Herb Rempel is a seasoned investment professional, and one of a limited number of Portfolio Managers in Canada.

Herb is passionate about what he does and dedicated to providing disciplined, objective financial management. That commitment has allowed Herb to deliver positive results for his clients time and again, allowing them to protect and grow their capital through all market conditions.

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John Walsh

John Walsh is an Assistant Professor at the School of Languages and Literatures at the University of Guelph. John obtained his PhD in Classics at the University of Otago in New Zealand. John has written several journal articles and books, the most recent being The Poppies of Troy in 2021.
John’s students describe him as preparing engaging, informative, and hilarious lectures. We look forward to his presentation on the Ancient Olympics.

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Ann Rauhala

Ann Rauhala is an educator and journalist with a special interest in mindfulness as a technique for finding more joy in life.

Formerly a CBC television correspondent, a Globe and Mail columnist and a Toronto Metropolitan University journalism professor, she has co-facilitated workshops for campus and newsroom staff, introducing mindfulness meditation as a secular, evidence-based approach to relieve stress, manage difficult emotions and build resiliency.

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Doug Morris

Doug Morris is an Air Canada captain and has amassed over 25,000 flying hours. He has been writing for Air Canada’s inflight magazine, enRoute, for 24 years and counting. Doug is a certified meteorologist and wrote four books, his latest being This is Your Captain Speaking: Stories from the Flight Deck, published in April 2022.
He has been teaching weather for over 35 years, and every Air Canada new hire gets to hear Doug’s weather rendition.

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