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Iain Scott left the business world two decades ago to follow his passion for opera. Through his company, Opera Is, he teaches people throughout North America to appreciate this art form and leads tours to the great opera houses of Europe and South America. 
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Fall 2021 Speakers

Dr. Mike Daley entertained us last season with his Leonard Cohen lecture and we are looking forward to this season's session on The Birth of the Beatles. 

Dr. Mike Daley holds a Ph.D in music, specializing in the history of popular music.  Mike and his wife Jill are also leading music-themed tours to destinations in Canada, the US and UK.

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Brian Carwana is the Executive Director of Encounter World Religions. Brian has taught religious literacy programs from a non-sectarian perspective, helping organizations and their staff open the door to meaningful conversations. Brian offers BeyondDiversityTraining, going beyond the usual do’s and don’ts to help people understand the religious traditions that are integral to so many lives.

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Shermeen Beg holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture. She has practiced in the United States, Italy and her native Pakistan. For the past fifteen years, she has taught on the subject, most recently with the LIFE Institute


She shares both her travel experience and passion for architectural history, the build environment and public spaces in all her talks.


As a documentary filmmaker, Dr. Mark Terry has travelled the world’s polar regions to research climate and the environment. He has authored several books on the subject and lectures on environmental sciences at both York and Wilfred Laurier universities.


His work has won him many awards including a rarely-presented humanitarian award from the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television and recognition by Canadian Geographic Magazine as one of Canada’s top explorers of all time.  

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Mary Anne Cecutti chairs the Greater Toronto Area Chapter of Dying with Dignity Canada, a national human rights charity. Through advocacy, public education and personal support, the charity ensures Canadians have access to quality end-of-life choice and care.

Mary Anne is a retired health care consultant and volunteers as an independent witness for those seeking medical assistance in dying (MAID).

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Bina Feldman is a retired international professional business coach. As principal of her own consultancy, she has delivered workshops to businesses both nationally and internationallly . She recently joined the GTA Chapter of Dying with Dignity Canada as their lead MAID presenter.

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