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Spring 2022 Schedule

Rona Maynard

Your Discovery Years: Finding joy in retirement

When Rona Maynard left the Editor’s desk at Chatelaine, she couldn’t wait to be free of meetings, schedules and directives from the top. She wasn’t prepared for the shock of no team and no goals to achieve together. Join Rona as she opens up about what it really took to make life after work her best life yet.

Sara Mainville

Indigenous Ethnies and Nations

Sara Mainville will explore this important legal history which is the actual “creation story” of Canada.  “Indian” “Native” “First Nations” “Aboriginal” and “Indigenous” are blanket terms that pose a barrier to true reconciliation.

Dr. Thomas Verny

The Embodied Mind: Understanding the Mysteries of Cellular Memory, Consciousness, and Our Bodies

In this presentation, Dr. Verny explores how our feelings,  thoughts and memories are shaped not only by our brains, but by our bodies.

David Seljak

Can Love Save the Planet? Pope Francis on our Ecological and Economic Crisis

In this lecture, David Seljak will outline how this pope understands the crises of our day and how his dramatic recommendations require a radical redefinition of spirituality, social ethics, and humanity.

Marta O’Brien

Architecture: Now I get It; Understanding the Elements of Architecture

This stimulating talk on the visual elements of architecture will help you really see the architecture around you, and understand why you feel as you do when observing a building. We'll see how the use of proportion, ornament, colour, and more affect our impressions.

Debbie Pond

Human Trafficking in York Region

Human Trafficking – we think it only happens to people living “over there” but IT Can Happen to Anyone and is happening in “Our Communities”. Survivors say they lived in our communities but were unSEEN!

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